On Tuesday, I was on Facebook mindlessly scrolling when, all of a sudden, three Memories from five years ago appeared on my News Feed. For you readers who aren’t on Facebook, I will explain. Facebook shows all the items you post on that day, and then every year on that date Facebook reminds you of some of the items you posted on that date in prior years in a format they call Memories. I had posted a picture of a big pumpkin and several smaller pumpkins I drew after my first art lesson with my new teacher, Tandi Memmott. That same day (October 29, 2014) I shared this quote:

When I shared that, I wrote, “So true!!”

It’s still true today and it will be true in five more years, because God will never change!

When I saw this Facebook memory, guess what I did? Ugly cried. 😭😭😭😫😭😭

Even now as I type I’m getting emotional because looking back at the post five years ago takes my breath away. I was 21 and acted like I knew everything. Isn’t that hilarious? Plus, if you follow my blog since then, you know I had brain surgery in 2016, which has changed my hair style among other things. I liked my long hair, but I have limited dexterity in my left hand (the only hand I can use) and it’s much easier to wash and fix my hair when it is short. I love how my mom answered when I asked if she thought I should keep it short. She said, “Abbey, it’s your hair. It’s up to you. It’s the one thing you have control over.”

I could continue but I think you get the point that a lot has happened in five years—good things and hard things. When I look back I’m thankful I see growth as a writer and an artist. But I’m also thankful to see growth in my walk with the Lord. For me that’s what I want most to see growth in because if I’m not growing spiritually, then what I write or paint really doesn’t matter.

I love how Ceirra McKenzie said it last year at Declare,


“I can take a thousand pictures. I can write pages of notes. But it won’t make a bit of difference if I lose sight of what matters most. I can be a warrior. I can even carry my bow but, it won’t amount to anything unless God be my arrow. And know this,when we put out content that is not God laced, we’re shooting flames. In effect, no matter what the numbers say.”💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

When you look back at your life five years ago, what do you see?

There are many peaks and valleys in my life. In the valleys walking into the desert of depression and where it’s dry and lonely is when I’m closest to the Lord and I can hear the Lord the best.

I heard this song this week called, “That’s How Much I Need A Savior.” I love the second verse, it says:

“There are oceans full of all my bad decisions,

And rivers overflowing with my doubts.

There are canyons that still echo with my longings,

And questions I just can’t figure out.

I try to stand yet I fall,

my need is so great, I am so small.”

Those last couple of lines definitely fit my life to a “T” and I know resonate with other people’s lives. We should never lose sight of our need of a loving Savior, because without Him we are nothing.

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